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Lost from Balochistan

Lost from Balochistan is the story of the penjabis domination against the Balochis. Balochis cultivate a particular resentment against the central power, accused of enslaving them and delaying the provincial development while drawing from its rich basement.

a Photo story by Marc Watrelot / LightMediation

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Récompenses pour le reportage « Les Bishnois, écologistes depuis le XVe siècle » de Franck Vogel

LAUREAT PLANETE MANCHE 2009 – Prix International des Médias
- Finaliste Prix Photo du SCOOP d’Angers 2009
- Mention Honorable Prix de la Photo de Paris PX3 2009
- Coup de coeur de la rédaction du SOIR 3

WINNER International Environmental Award PLANETE MANCHE 2009
- Honorable Mention – Prix de la Photo de Paris PX3 2009
- Short-listed SCOOP Photo Award 2009
- Best story awarded by France 3 TV News “SOIR 3”

Parution NORVEGE – Grand Trunk road, the most dangerous road of the world. by Bruno Perousse

Peru’s Melting Gods

Sacred water on the verge of extinction
In January 2009, the National Institute of Natural Resources in Peru stated that the Quilca glacier, located at an altitude of 5,250 metres in the region of Puno, had completely disappeared. The agency believes that because of global warming all of Peru’s 2000 glaciers are destined to totally melt by 2025.

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Parution France – GRANDS REPORTAGES – Les Nenetses. Les survivants de l’Arctique. par Xavier Rossi

Kandahar – on Taliban holy land and stronghold

Kandahar is today the stronghold of insurgents, Taliban fighting against Karzai Gouvernment and NATO coalition. The insurgents make themselves justice. They terrorize or kill those collaborating with the government.

a Photo story by /LightMediation

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Parution Angleterre – SUNDAY TIMES MAGAZINE – Agony and Ivory: ivory trade is back. by Jean-François Lagrot

The people of marshlands

…in the garden of Eden
Persecuted and driven out of the Iraqi marshes, where Sumerian used to live since Antiquity, the « Arabs of Marshlands » started to recover their territory drained by Saddam Hussein. After three decades, water is back and life too, as it was 6,000 years ago.

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The bees of Paris: so chic !

Some 300 hives have colonized the roofs and gardens of Paris. But who are these new beekeepers who let their bees gather pollen in the heart of the city?

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Parution TAIWAN – The Bishnois, ecologists since the 15th century. by Franck Vogel