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The chemical gardens.

Since the dawn of time, explaining the origin of from nothingness has generated much passion and polemic.Over a century ago, Stéphane Leduc,a French professor of medicine,attempted to duplicate this phenomenon. His work led to the invention of synthetic biology which created a great stir among the scientific community at the time.However, was he really misguided? What can be said is that the work carried out by this ingenious experimenter opened the way for as much scholarly research as violent debate.At the outer edges of , on the borders of metaphysics, two chemists and a photographer have copied this scientist’s work. They have reinterpreted the illegible scribbles of the mad scholar in the light of the fabulous phenomenon of osmosis. An insight into their secret laboratory over a three-day period.

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Photos ©Stephane Querbes Text ®Etienne Colomb/K-Minos Original idea ©R.E Eastes -C. Darrigan

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Parution AUTRICHE – Budapest: the Palaces revival by Emilie Chaix

Afghanistan. French paratroopers at war.

No week without crossfire for French paratroopers since the tragic ambush of last August. From the forward operating base of Nijrab in the north of Kabul, a small camp like Fort Sagane trapped under the Hindou Koush mountains, the French battalion displayed on the front line has gone back to war of high intensity with a tough well-equiped enemy. Daily patrols and attacks led by French troopers has permited to reconquest the field around Kabul in a few months.

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Photos ©Marc Charuel/LightMediation Text ®Frederic Pons

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Parution SUISSE – L’Alberta… Saoudite: boom économique et désastre écologique… par Patrice Halley

Ratanakiri, a forgotten land.

It took a combination of boats and cars and two full days travel to reach what is the most remote corner of .
Ratanakiri, which name means « Gemstone Mountain », has in fact only recently returned on the map of the country. The natural beauty and the many hidden and not hidden resources of the region are now giving reasons to many Cambodian migrants and to some foreign enterprises to settle in what is also the ancestral land of the several minority groups living in . Known as « Khmer Loeu » (Highlanders) the minority people of the country have been left undisturbed for almost half a century.

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Photographs and Text by ©Alberto Buzzola/LightMediation

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Parution COREE DU SUD – Spiti, la vallée secrète par Jean-Baptiste Rabouan

Le ballet Royal du Cambodge.

« De la magnificence d’, l’ancienne capitale de l’Empire khmer, il ne reste pas seulement les plus beaux temples d’Extrême-Orient, vertigineuses cathédrales surgissant de la forêt tropicale. Un art sacré, la , a survécu jusqu’à nos jours au travers des invasions et même du génocide Khmer Rouge », déclare avec passion la princesse Buppha Devi, qui était danseuse-étoile dans les années 60.
Sous sa direction, le Ballet Royal a retrouvé la splendeur et la magie d’antan.

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Photos et Interview de Christophe Loviny/Jazz Editions/LightMediation

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India, land of the Landless.

–These photos were exposed at « Visa pour l’image », for the 20th anniversary of the festival, in September, 2008.–

Soon after his return from South Africain 1917 Gandhi led his first political struggle in the state of Bihar, in support of peasant small holders against British indigo planters. In the course of doing so, he earned the title of Mahatma,The Great Soul.

More than ninety years later, little has changed in this largely rural state situated in northern India, which remains one of the poorest in the country., illiteracy and violence: the daily of the poor and maginalised in India today is a world apart from the ideals that were set by India’s prophet of non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi.

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Photos ©/LightMediation Text ®Christèle Dedebant

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Parution ITALIE – Le musée Champollion de Figeac par Marc Deville

The true story of Easter Island.

After 10 years of excavations on Easter Island, the team of archeologists lead by Giuseppe Orefici,accompanied by international experts in anthropology, botany, geology, andof course, archaeology, think they are finally able to reveal the mysteries of Easter Island.Ceremonial architecture, petroglyphs,rock art, colossal sculptures, wooden statuettes, tablets inscribed with hieroglyphs: such are the wonders of this island filled with mystery. Many of the artefacts have never before been photographed, and are providing crucial clues to unveiling the mysteries of the island and its history.

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Photos and text ©Stephane Compoint/DealTeam/LightMediation

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